How to order online

Our guide to buying online :-

In just eight easy steps, you can get what you want:

1. When you have located the products you want to buy, click the 'buy' button. Each time you click the 'buy ' button you add an item to your current Shopping Basket.

(The Shopping Basket allows you to build up a list of products. You can use this list to buy the products online. You can return to your Shopping Basket at any time and it will be updated with the latest prices)

2. When you have all your items in your Shopping Basket simply click the 'check out' button to continue.

5. Next, select your Deliver Location from the drop-down list. Delivery to mainland UK is FREE.

6 .Complete the form with the Cardholders name and address, and deliver address if different. Please double-check all the details you have provided.

7 .Click the 'submit' button to continue to the Secure Server.

8.Input your Credit Card details.

Your order confirmation is displayed.

Credit Card/Debit Card
Credit Card/Debit Card

If you experience any difficulties buying from us, please
Contact us: or Tel: 0207 060 2597

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