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CompTIA Security+ + 2008 Training

CompTIA Security+ Certification certifies the competency of security professionals working in the IT industry. The theft or destruction of information or the disruption of communication resources can result in not only lost time and revenue, but also an irreparable loss of confidence by clients and customers. The ability of computer networks to remain functional continuously for only their intended users has been a necessity to business. Professionals who have Security+ training, who have demonstrated the ability to respond to human and organizational weaknesses by passing Security+ tests, and who have had instruction in cryptography, communication security, can use real-world tools, understand the infrastructure, and haven?t just studied Security+ brain dumps will demand the respect of the IT industry.

Your success in our Security+ training will result in not only passing Security+ tests, but also success against those who would steal, destroy, or disable your business. Start your certification training today!

This CompTIA Security+ course from is designed to let you obtain your goal of becoming security professional in the IT industry. We provide you with state-of-the-art courseware that will prepare you for your exams and a successful career.
  Anyone wishing to obtain a network security position in a corporate environment.

n Our easy-to-use delivery format allows you to concentrate on the lesson at hand and not how to run the delivery software - saving you time and frustration. Our comprehensive course materials are delivered in an easy-to- understand format - allowing you to get the most out of your time. n

Our courses incorporate audio, video, and text training and then the total experience is reinforced with exercises and practice tests to ensure that you have really grasped the material.

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CompTIA Security+ Training Course - Learning Segments


SYO-201: CompTIA Security+ 2008


Course Overview

Security Fundamentals

Threats and Prevention
Mitigating Threats
Securing the System
Virus and Spyware Management
Browser Security
Social Engineering Threats
User Names and Passwords

Policies and Policy Types

Domain Security Policy
Other Policies and Auditing
Asymmetric and Symmetric
Digital Certificates and Trust Models
Encryption and Decryption Keys

Web and Email Services

Web Security
File and Print Resources
Printer Security

Ports and Protocols

Protocol Attacks

Network and Wireless Security

OSI Model
Network Component Security
Network Defense
Security Issues
Security Topologies
VPNs and Virtualization
Wireless Network Standards
Wireless Security Network
Router Configuration

Remote Access Security

Authentication Systems
VPN Technology and Tunneling Protocols
System Auditing
System Monitoring
Logging and Monitoring


Risk Assessment
Intrusion Detection
Computer Forensics

Security Configuration

Organizational Security
Business Continuity
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Course Review
Lab: Enable IEEE 802.1x Authentication

Labs and Learning Supplements

Lab: Internet Explorer Security Settings for ASP
Lab: Configure Cookie Handling in Internet Explorer
Lab: IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security) Policies
Lab: View a SSL Secured Site Certification Path
Lab: Configure Authentication Using RADIUS
Lab: View and Modify NTFS and Share Permissions
Lab: Configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Lab: Modify Services in Windows XP Professional
Lab: View and Change the Local Audit Policy
Lab: View and Change the Default Backup Type
Supplement: Security+ E-Book


Full motion video

Each class is presented in full motion video allowing you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the tasks which includes our interactive hands-on training simulations, students will learn from real-world scenarios taught by our expert instructor.

Instructor-Led Training

Combines both the convenience and affordability of computer-based training with the effectiveness of a traditional classroom setting. The instructors featured in our multi-media DVD's are not only certified in their area of expertise, but also have years of real world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields.


We supply a complete line of e-books to offer a complete training solution. Our courses include e-books for CompTIA, CISCO and Microsoft certifications.Supplied on DVD for DVD courses or downloadable for Online Courses.

Practice Exam Simulators

We offer exam simulators for all technical certifications. Our exam simulators are the closest replication to the real exam!

Our exam simulators creates a simulation of an actual certification exam. Under timed conditions, IntelliSage? sets up a test with 60 randomly chosen questions designed to help you get ready for the real exam. As with the Practice Exam, the Certification Simulator allows you to mark questions you cannot answer for review at the end of the test.
If you ask, IntelliSage? will show you the correct answer. IntelliSage? will also explain why it is the correct answer when you select the "Learn Now" feature. The Practice Exam is the first IntelliSage? step in getting you ready to pass your certification exams.

Hands-on Lab Simulation

Hands-on Lab Simulation is a crucial component of your IT training. Practice make perfect. Step-by-step hands-on labs with detail instructions are included to reinforce all key concepts. When you complete a topic, choose the Lab Simulation button to select the associated hands-on lab exercises. Labs allow you to reinforce concepts by performing the tasks you've just learned..

Free Upgrades

A unique benefit of the our Learning System, is that
it allows you to stay current with the ever-changing certification requirements. When a certification test changes and we produce an upgrade for the certification program, we offer our customers free upgrades on their interactive DVD's for up to 1 year from date of original purchase? absolutely free!


CompTIA Security+ 2008 Training Course

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