Powerpoint 2003 Training

Our instructor-based, interactive learning system will guide you through this powerful program and show you how to utilize all of the tools contained within the world's most popular presentation software program.
We guarantee it!

Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 training comes to life with our full motion video, challenging labs, critical assessment and real-world insight from experts with vast experience in the subject matter. Our instructor-based, interactive learning system will guide you through this powerful program and show you how to utilize all of the tools contained within the world's most popular database program. We guarantee it! Our proven methodology provides an unequalled training experience with exceptional results.

Our Powerpoint 2003 provides a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations and offers tools to allow you to organize and format your material easily. You can illustrate your points with your own images or clip art, and broadcast your presentations over the Web. Now it's easier than ever to create professional and effective presentations. Our interactive training series will guide you through this powerful program and show you how to utilize all of the tools contained within the most popular presentation software on the market!

Microsoft PowerPoint certification training is provided as Computer Based Training which is a cost effective method that meets the critical demands of computer users. We give you the experience of expert-led computer training courses for your convenience. You get the feel of a computer training school delivered through flexible and familiar technology.

  Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) MOUS Certification Training Exam Objectives and skill sets for the Microsoft Outlook Expert Exam are provided to assist in your exam preparation.

n Our easy-to-use delivery format allows you to concentrate on the lesson at hand and not how to run the delivery software - saving you time and frustration. Our comprehensive course materials are delivered in an easy-to- understand format - allowing you to get the most out of your time. n

Our courses incorporate audio, video, and text training and then the total experience is reinforced with exercises and practice tests to ensure that you have really grasped the material.

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Powerpoint 2003 Training Course


Creating a Presentation

Create presentations (manually and by using automated tools)

Add and delete slides from presentations

Modify headers and footers in the Slide Master

Inserting and Modifying Text

Import text from Word

Insert, format, and modify text

Inserting and Modifying Visual Elements

Add tables, charts, clip art, and bitmap images to slides

Customize slide backgrounds

Add OfficeArt elements to slides

Apply custom formats to tables

Modifying Presentation Formats

Apply formats to presentations

Apply animation schemes

Apply slide transitions

Customize slide formats

Customize slide templates

Manage a Slide Master

Rehearse timing

Rearrange slides

Modify slide layout

Add links to a presentation



Printing Presentations

Preview and print slides, outlines, handouts, and speaker notes

Working with Data from Other Sources

Import Microsoft Excel charts into slides

Add sound and video to slides

Insert Microsoft Word tables on slides

Export a presentation as an outline

Managing and Delivering Presentations

Set up slide shows

Deliver presentations

Manage files and folders for presentations

Work with embedded fonts

Publish presentations to the Web

Use the Pack and Go feature

Workgroup Collaboration

Set up a review cycle

Review presentation comments

Schedule and deliver presentation broadcasts



Full motion video

Each class is presented in full motion video allowing you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the tasks which includes our interactive hands-on training simulations, students will learn from real-world scenarios taught by our expert instructor.

Instructor-Led Training

Combines both the convenience and affordability of computer-based training with the effectiveness of a traditional classroom setting. The instructors featured in our multi-media DVD's are not only certified in their area of expertise, but also have years of real world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields.


We supply a complete line of e-books to offer a complete training solution. Our courses include e-books for CompTIA, CISCO and Microsoft certifications.Supplied on DVD for DVD courses or downloadable for Online Courses.

Practice Exam Simulators

We offer exam simulators for all technical certifications. Our exam simulators are the closest replication to the real exam!

Our exam simulators creates a simulation of an actual certification exam. Under timed conditions, IntelliSage? sets up a test with 60 randomly chosen questions designed to help you get ready for the real exam. As with the Practice Exam, the Certification Simulator allows you to mark questions you cannot answer for review at the end of the test.
If you ask, IntelliSage? will show you the correct answer. IntelliSage? will also explain why it is the correct answer when you select the "Learn Now" feature. The Practice Exam is the first IntelliSage? step in getting you ready to pass your certification exams.

Hands-on Lab Simulation

Hands-on Lab Simulation is a crucial component of your IT training. Practice make perfect. Step-by-step hands-on labs with detail instructions are included to reinforce all key concepts. When you complete a topic, choose the Lab Simulation button to select the associated hands-on lab exercises. Labs allow you to reinforce concepts by performing the tasks you've just learned..

Free Upgrades

A unique benefit of the our Learning System, is that
it allows you to stay current with the ever-changing certification requirements. When a certification test changes and we produce an upgrade for the certification program, we offer our customers free upgrades on their interactive DVD's for up to 1 year from date of original purchase? absolutely free!


Powerpoint 2003 Training

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