Exchange Server 2007 Configuring MCTS 70-236


Exchange Server 2007 Configuring MCTS 70-236

wE offer you the most effective way to earn your Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). This MCTS 70-236 training course Exchange Server 2007, Configuring teaches students how to install and manages Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, how to manage messaging security using Exchange Server 2007, how to recover messaging servers and databases by using Exchange Server 2007 and how to monitor and troubleshoot Exchange Server 2007.

When you pass Exam 70-236 TS: Exchange Server 2007, Configuring, you complete the requirements for the following certification:

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuration

Exam 70-236 counts as credit toward the following certification:

  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Messaging Administrator

  Audience Profile
This course is for students who wish to:
  • Install and manage Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Manages messaging security by using Exchange Server 2007
  • Recover messaging servers and databases by using Exchange Server 2007
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Exchange Server 2007

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(Learning Segments)


Introduction to Installing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Module 1 - Overview of Exchange and Active Directory
Integration of Active Directory and Exchange Server 2007
Module Review
Module 2 - Installing Exchange Server 2007
Introduction to the Exchange Server 2007 Server Roles
Installing Exchange Server 2007
Completing the Exchange Server 2007 Installation
Module Review
Module 3 - Configuring Mailbox Server Roles
Overview of Exchange Server 2007 Administration Tools
Implementing Mailbox Server Roles
Managing Public Folder Databases
Module Review
Module 4 - Managing Recipient Objects
Managing Other Recipients
Overview of Managing Public Folders
Module Review
Module 5 - Managing E-Mail Addresses and Address Lists
Configuring Address Lists
Overview of Bulk Recipient Management Tasks
Module Review
Module 6 - Managing Client Access
Implementing Client Access Features
Implementing Outlook Web Access
Introduction to Implementing Web Messaging
Module Review
Module 7 - Managing Message Transport
Implementing Message Transport
Module Review
Module 8 - Managing Availability, Backup, and Recovery
Managing a Backup Solution
Managing a Recovery Solution
Module Review
Module 9 - Maintaining the Messaging System
Overview of Updating Exchange Servers
Module Review
Course Summary

Managing Messaging Security Using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Course Overview

Module 1 - Anti Virus and Spam Management
Implementing Spam Features
Implementing Antivirus Features
Module Review
Module 2 - Configuring Edge Transport Servers
Configuring Message Delivery
Configuring Security for Internet E-Mail
Module Review
Module 3 - Implementing Messaging Policies
Implementing Messaging Records Management
Implementing Transport and Journaling Rules
Module Review


Recovering Messaging Servers and Databases Using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Module 1 - Recovering Messaging Databases
Recovering a Database Using Dial Tone Recovery
Module Review
Module 2 - Preparing for Mailbox Server Failures
Recovering Mailbox Servers
Module Review
Module 3 - Preparing for Non-Mailbox Server Failures
Recovering Non-Mailbox Servers
Module Review
Course Summary

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Module 1 - Exchange Server Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Introduction to Microsoft Operations Manager
Module Review
Module 2 - Monitoring Client Performance and Connectivity
Process for Troubleshooting Clients
Module Review
Module 3 - Troubleshooting Access to Resources and Messages
Process for Troubleshooting Client Access Server Issues
Module Review
Module 4 - Monitoring Mail Flow
Process for Troubleshooting Internal Mail Flow
Process for Troubleshooting External Mail Flow
Module Review
Module 5 - Monitoring Mailbox Servers
Process for Troubleshooting Mailbox Servers
Mailbox Server Performance Issues
Module Review
Module 6 - Monitoring External and Additional Services
External Services Required for Unified Messaging
Monitoring External Services with MOM 2005
Module Review
Module 7 - Identifying Trends in a Messaging System
Module Review
Course Summary


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Exchange Server 2007 Configuring MCTS 70-236

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Exchange Server 2007 Configuring MCTS 70-236